Tuesday, March 26, 2013


So this week we are "on vacation." Really all that means is my husband took time off work, to work on the house. Usually after such "vacations" he's often looking forward to returning to work. If yesterday was any indication though, I think this time, we just might get some rest.
Weather wise, this week is not ideal for the outdoor projects he had planned. Outdoor projects happens to be the bulk of our projects, all manual labor, and the reason he took the week off. He's kinda happy he dodged that bullet, but it leaves us with a dilemma: what to do???...
I feel terrible saying it, because it's such a good problem to have, but we don't know how to rest! I should say, I don't know how to rest, nor relax for that matter. Seriously. Usually by the end of a day, when I sit down to rest/relax it's by force. I have to. I'm exhausted. The idea that I schedule down time, and DO it, hardly occurs to me. I mean it seems great..for other people, but I don't do it. That's the whole reason my book a month plan keeps getting derailed. When I do have "down time" I always find a way to fill it. I've already moved around just about every piece of furniture in the house (literally), stripped several layers of upholstery of an old couch, and bought a half a truck load of "projects." Rest and relax didn't even occur to me till this morning. I do want to learn to relax. The question is how? Where do I begin? I'm seriously going to try to attempt to do this. I believe it's wise to be able to take a break. I just need to learn how to take one. I'll let you know how it goes...

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