Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Weekend of Bad Habits

This weekend did not go as planned. Me thinks I may have over scheduled yet again. For the purpose of this post we'll just called that bad habit #1. I wanted to turn the soil in the vegetable garden, and address the weeds there. I also wanted to expand the garden area. That was the priority.

Instead, I worked on the second dresser. Enter bad habit #2: the unwillingness to adapt focus to ever changing circumstances, and environments. Also known as inflexibility. What is started must be finished, so I finished that dresser I told you guys about.

From that:

To this:

If you look in the mirror you can see its previously finished mate. Yes, our bedroom looks a hot mess! Now you know why I'm doing all of this DIY stuff. I'm hoping I'll have pics of my bedroom redo on the cheap, in a few weeks. Maybe I'll even be brave enough to share them. Anyhow, somewhere in the middle of the dresser redo, I decided the project wasn't living up to expectation. Bad habit #3: unrealistic expectations. I hate when the projected outcome is not the reality. For a number of reasons this dresser is the poster child. I decided, it's time I make my peace with disappointment. Besides, I like it better as it is now, than it was, so I'm gonna keep the dresser as is...for now.  I can't promise I won't cave and fix it later. 

All is not lost. I did have a project I really enjoyed. I found this stool on the side of the road. I like free! I thought that it would make a great plan stand. It just needed a little paint (I tested the color on it before proceeding) and stain. Once the paint was on the chair, I decided that I preferred the weathered look of the busted seat over stain. Staining a seat, that's only going to house a plant, and the moisture from the plant is a little over the top.  Bad habit #4: Not knowing when to STOP!!! Details are a thorn in my side. If I were an artist I'd go mad, because I always want to add another detail. I find it SO hard to quit. This time I did. I put down the paint, nixed the golden seat stain idea, and left the seat as is.
I may not have addressed the garden this past weekend, but I did get in something green, and plant related. Indoor gardening counts as gardening. Now I just need to get a plant...


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