Friday, March 8, 2013

Lighten Up

Some people look forward to Christmases, birthdays, Halloween and other celebrations. I won't tell you I don't have my favorite holiday. I do. I even have a favorite time of year. When daylight savings times ends in the fall I'm about in mourning! So what we get an extra hour of sleep? I'll keep the sun being up until nearly 9pm, thank you! In addition, or because of taking the sun away it gets colder. It's fair to say, I'm a bit crankier in the fall and winter months. 
On the flip side, once March gets here I'm positively giddy! Now don't get me wrong, Easter is my favorite holiday, but March is not necessarily my favorite month. To me, March is like Christmas Eve, or like a Friday night. It ratchets up your level of anticipation. You know good things are on the way, like HEAT! Whatever has been, will no longer be. As the days tick by, the excitement builds. All the things I most love in a year are so close, warm weather, shorts, tanks, flip flops, flowers, gardens, long runs, rides, grilling, heat, berry patches, the beach, HEAT, and more. The best part of the whole thing: MORE DAYLIGHT to do it all!  
It should comes as no surprise, that this time of year, this topic is my conversation. I keep asking my family, "Does anyone notice anything different about the time and sky?" When I did it the first couple of times my daughter was happy to play along. At this point, the folks at my house are over it. I'll ask you: Does anyone notice anything different about the time and the sky? I sure do, and this weekend when Day Light Savings time begins, we'll all be forced to take notice. 
Meanwhile, I can barely contain myself! It's Friday. It's March, time changes, and we've got a warm weekend ahead. I'm grinning wildly over here! It doesn't get much better than this. I feel like a kid with his head pressed against the glass waiting for a long rain to end. OK, so I'd probably be playing in the rain, but you get the idea. The anticipation around here is through the roof! 
Happy weekend everybody. Make the most of it, and some memories while doing so. God willing, I know I will. 

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