Thursday, February 27, 2014

 Panelling Project and More

Paneling Project 

Hi all. I'm still here. Still contemplating my latest spring project. The more I look at that paneling, the more I think, "why not keep it in its original form?" Now is a good time to mention, that the floor in that room is slate, black slate. Could there be two worst combinations? Never mind. I don't want to know. To complicate matters, my husband likes the floor! Looks like updating this room, and making it cozy family room I know it could be, is going to require some serious thought, and a boat load of creativity. Wish me luck! Better yet send me some ideas :)

(see cake getting no love)
So this is kind of random. A certain someone turned 3 yesterday. When presented with her birthday cake, and lollipops, it wasn't even a competition. The lollipops won. What you were expecting her to chose cake? So was I. Anyway, a picture of the birthday girl and her choice treat. Too cute to keep to myself.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I Know Spring is on the Way When...

Sometime in January the sun begins to set around the 6 pm mark. By the end of February that time is rolled back even further. In fact last night, the last traces of daylight left the sky around 6:30. I was watching. Every year I find myself watching and waiting for this. The anticipation of longer evenings and warmer temperatures is downright invigorating. With each day that passes I imagine winter releasing its icy cold grip. The slow march toward longer evenings, more sunlight brings me hope, happiness even.

I've noticed something else the nearing of spring brings, the need to redecorate. I'm not even kidding! In the last few years, every spring I find myself wanting to makeover my house. I pour over projects and design ideas. I once thought people who spring cleaned, aren't cleaning often enough. And people who have spring projects are probably not doing enough year round. I guess I'm among them now. For the record, I was wrong. And I'm not saying that because I now find myself doing the same things. I just get it now.

The latest project fixation? Our family room. We live in a house built in an era when wood paneling was all the rage. Our family room is a monument to that fact. Initially when we purchased the home, I thought I'd go in, take down all the paneling and move on. I quickly discovered the error on my thinking. The paneling in this house is not the cheap, thin stuff. It is solid, honest to the core, around three quarters of an inch thick wood. To tear it all out and toss it is wasteful. To paint it almost seems criminal. Just when I thought I stumbled up on the solution of pickle finishing, enter my husbands opinion: "I'm not a fan of that." How could you not be a fan of this? I know him well. Ultimately, he doesn't care about my decorating choices, but the idea that he doesn't love it makes me hesitant to proceed. So here I sit. Again. What to do with my paneled room? Such a pressing and time sensitive problem you know? I just had to blog about it :)

Actually I do have an idea. But because I don't want to write a book. I'll tell you more about it next time. Meanwhile a few pics of my panel pain.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Win Some. Lose Some. Win Some.

Some days are so good, you'd love to rewind them and live those moments all over again. Then there are days that you'd happily fast forward and never speak of again. I just experienced both those days back to back. Yesterday was a stellar day. Let's just say today was quite the opposite. That's life. Sometimes you are riding high on hope and blessings. At other times you  might be brought low by circumstances and disappointments. I am learning to be thankful for both the "the good days" and the "bad days." Both have taught me to appreciate life. Both have reminded me to be thankful that I am still here to experience life in some form, good or bad. I believe if you celebrate your "good days" and learn from your worst days, then you are winning- no matter what the day brings.  
If all else fails, and you are having a particularly rough day, go to bed early. Sleep is the closest thing we have to a fast forward button. That is my plan for today...Good night :)