Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Mommy Job

If parenting were a hired position, I'm pretty sure I'd be unqualified. I've tried to imagine what my resume might say prior to motherhood. Blank. Not even a master author could make me sound suitable for hire on paper. Ha! I'd need a magician not a writer. Most days I vacillate between fair, and functioning. All is not lost though, in some regards I was fully equipped.  It takes a certain level of ignorance to become a parent. I came fully stocked. If we truly understood the reality of the work, most of us won't sign up for the rigors of pregnancy, much less parenting. At the very least we'd have second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and more thoughts. You get the idea. But then along comes a day that reminds you, "there is no better job on earth." Yesterday was such a day. My one year old turned two. It took will, but in the battle between the monotony of chores, and trying to make the day special, the latter prevailed. The whole family just stopped and relished the antics of a two year old. From the best seat in the house, my house, I was able to relax an enjoy a show I hope God burns in my memory. There was singing, dancing and the of a devouring a delicious meal that ended with cake and ice cream.

I'm so grateful for days like yesterday, for happy healthy children that causes me to pause and find the wildest kind of joy in the simplest sort of things. I'm grateful that I now know all 57 verses of "The Wheels on The Bus Song." I'm thankful for the reminder that ice cream is always better when licked, NOT eaten with a spoon. I thank God for a position that only He could qualify me for me for. He is the author of the best and first "immersion program" the family.  I hope you are counting all your blessings today. I'll be thinking of two of mine in particular. One of whom just happens to be 2.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Follow Through

OK, I'm busted. I said I'd read a book a month and I pretty much did...the first month. I started January's book, but couldn't quite find the time to follow through. It's ironic, the title of the book is "Making Room for Life." Hmm...I guess I have to first work on making room in my day to read the book.  What I gathered, from NOT reading it, is that it's about slowing down, decluttering life, and spending time wisely. It's a lesson I need to learn.
Speaking of decluttering, I've been on a mission to rid my life of anything, I don't need, use, want, appreciate, have more than enough, etc. Funny, I think that this subject is also covered in a certain book. Unlike my book a month venture, the decluttering journey is going swimmingly. I always think of taking pictures, after the fact, but if you could have seen the load of stuff I've sorted and thrown out, you'd be impressed. Let's just put it this way, I no longer have what my child referred to as, "the hoarder room."
This focus on the decluttering our physical environment has extended itself to all aspects of my life and family. Not only have I've been trying to make our living environment a calm, organized, comfortable, and yes, beautiful place, but I'm really trying to feed our bodies well. The good stuffing, I mean stuff, not the junk.  Huh... I believe there is also something about meals mentioned in that book... 
If you are still following this post, so far, I'm working on reading more, decluttering life, and nutritionally sound meals. No doubt you will hear more on these in the coming months. I'll even post pics of progress (if I remember) God willing. 
OK,off I go to make time to read a certain book... 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Royal Tailor: "Hold Me Together" - Story Thread

OK, I warn did warn you that I'm a bit of a music junkie. So yeah, there is another song in my head... Yes, I realize that they are both a bit, *ahem* solemn; however that's mostly been my mood lately, so I'm rolling with it. I recently got opportunity to hear it performed live. I was blessed by it. Maybe you'll be "feelin this" as well. If not, great message, and good song. Listen to the story behind it first and then listen to the song.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


I'm thinking you can't get much lower than this: sweatpants, sweatshirt and  a baseball cap. This is my normal attire. The baseball cap has been dubbed "hide a hair." Can't you just see that on an infomercial?
Lately, my husband I have been looking at each other and wondering (out loud) "when did we become such bums?"  I can't pinpoint an exact moment, but I can tell you it was gradual. We are being honest here so, I'll also tell you that for the longest time I just didn't care. In fact, I was happy to inform any listening ear that I had found a loop hole in the social dress code. I discovered, that as long as I wore workout clothing, the good stuff, not the baggy sweats stuff, people didn't seemed affected by my appearance. Many were very accepting. Some were even impressed. I garnered some respect, and knowing looks.  The looks that says "oh good for you, you've been working out." Lately I've been stepping outside the safety of the loophole. I've been wearing five sizes to large sweatpants, AND sweatshirts, and I've had the audacity to leave the house that way. What's more? I have actually left my house wearing house shoes. Sure they were the boot kind, but now is a good time to tell you they have paint on them. This new low has brought the realization, I have gone too far. Someone is probably reporting me to "What Not to Wear" as I type this. I must make an abrupt change.
Now, I don't intend to look like I just stepped out of a fashion magazine, but I don't want to look like I just rolled out of bed either.  At this point I'd settle for looking like the man who married me,  is neither blind nor desperate. I know that dressing the way I currently do has repercussions. People do judge based on appearance. That's biblical. I tend not to care what people think; however this idea of representing those who love me, and myself well is not baseless.
I don't have a valid excuse for my appearance. I have strong sense of my own style.  I know what is fashionable, and what looks good me. I'm also not ashamed of my body or size. I've just been lazy. Thing is, I've had a few bad hair years. The whole hair thing made dressing nice seem pointless. Couple that with my at home mommy job, and you have a recipe for disaster. Dressing nice while wearing a toddler is not saturated in appeal. I'm ready to try again. Maybe I'll even take a few before and after shots. I can't tell you I'll be running around in stilettos, but I'll be nixing the baggy sweats for least in public. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Rock On!

I love rocks! Some of my most vivid childhood memories are related to them. The first memorable punishment I received from my father, was due to a rock related incident in. My cousin was hit in the eye by a certain someone. Before you go feeling all sorry for her, she dared me. It was hardly my fault. I was merely responding well to pressure and meeting a request. How was I to know that when I said "watch out I'm gonna hit you in the eye" that, that stone would miraculously find target from so far away?
Besides I have been on the receiving end of a rock at the hands of siblings. It was just part of island life. Our natural environment contained our play things. Whether they were rocks for skipping (I'm a pro), or giant trees for climbing, I relished new ways to play with natural things. You wouldn't believe the hours of entertainment we got from sticks and water of all kinds, standing water, the sea, and the kind that falls from the sky.
Not surprisingly, the affinity for the natural never left me. We've had two unseasonably warm days this week. I was drawn to the outdoors like rats to the Pied Piper. I went out with one rock related project in mind, it quickly became more. Currently, I'm trying to replicate the rock walls that mark property lines on the land where I was raised. My city will probably have something to say if I built them to my preferred height. I'll settle for "higher than normal rock borders" around my flower beds.
It would have been nice to post something profound. No. I'm simply telling you that I love playing with rocks. If you are ever looking to gift me with something, try a boulder, and watch how giddy I get :)

This is about the height of the ones at home 3 to 5ft

The awkward height of the one I'm making:

P.S yes those rocks do fall, I've been painfully acquainted with that fact.