Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The End

What do you do with death?
Last night I attended the memorial service of a very sweet lady. I watched her family stand before the church and receive condolences from those who felt so inclined. I listened as people described her acts of kindness and service. I wondered if she was aware of all the beautiful thoughts people had towards her while she was yet alive. At times during the service my thoughts turned inward. What if it was me? My husband? Am I really appreciating people while they are still here? Hard thoughts. I'm not going to give myself a speedy answer, but I'm thinking. Among my thoughts are:

  1. Death visits everyone.  Sounds simple enough, but how often do we plan for tomorrow, without thought for what today could bring? I'm not saying be paranoid, but live aware.
  2. Perhaps I'll leave a letter or something, but I want to speak at my own funeral.  
  3. I want there to be laughter at my funeral. It doesn't have to be fits of hysteria, but remember me with some smiles. If you really know me, you should have enough material :) 
  4. Please don't show up and act the fool. I'm not dead, my spirit simply relocated. 
  5. Don't mourn my death more than you celebrate my life. This seems a great excuse to have a party, with dancing!
  6. You're probably gonna hear about God at my service. Do me a favor? Listen. If you don't believe, or feel He's a crutch, that's fine. He IS a crutch for me and more. He holds me up. He holds me together. Consider your crutch. Who or what holds you up? Together?
  7. Leave my funeral knowing where YOU will spend eternity. 
I'll admit that this post disclosed more than I anticipated, and yet these are my thoughts. Death is a dominant topic lately. The shootings in Connecticut has left many of us confused and thinking about our own mortality. It's a topic worthy of our considerations. I'm asking a question in the same vein: Please consider the God of your mortality? He's taken the fear and sting out of death, and given us a very real, much needed,  hope.  

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