Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

I can hardly believe it's here. It seems Christmas crept up on me this year. Didn't we just celebrate Veteran's Day like yesterday? Actually, in mind I'm still stuck on September. Thankfully my little people have a way of inspiring the Christmas mood. After much stalling and denial, presents were bought, a meal planned, and I even managed to take a few Christmas pics. I'm no photographer, but since no one will be getting a card from me this year, I thought I'd share. 
It didn't start out so well. The dog wanted to be in every shot. I never realized she was such a diva...

 I did manage to get a few shots without the dog...

But she's very persistent. Eventually it paid off. She got her closeup...

 A very Merry Christmas from my family to yours...Sam, Elle, Buttercup (AKA Puberty, Tantrum and Diva).

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  1. I havent been here for such a long tim. I am catching up on all your post. Love this one. Beautiful pics. I like the last one best, everyone is looking into the camera. Elle is too cute and Sam is holdin. Wow, she is growing up so fast. Buttercup, well, as always she is in her own element. Where ever that is.


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