Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Knock Knock and P.S.

Yesterday I visited a beautiful home. It was large home, but it wasn't the size of the house that I found impressive. This home was just so inviting. I'm not easily impressed, especially by things, but there was something about the way things were used in this space. What was even more amazing was, no one at the home knew I was coming. 
Here is what happened: My daughter accepted an invitation to a Christmas party. I took her.  It had been a busy morning. I was running behind, but I packed the kids, and hauled them nearly 40 minutes across town. My daughter used the drive to decorate an ornament gift for the party. So I'm driving, she's painting an ornament, and yes I'm going a little over the speed limit, because we are late for this party, 30 minutes late. I found the home, and dismissed the fact that there were only two vehicles in the driveway. I reasoned that parents sometimes drop their kids off at parties and leave. I went to the door, rang the bell, and a familiar face answered. She's dressed in jogging pants, and a long sleeve shirt. She's clearly not ready for a party, nor is her pajama clad daughter standing behind her. One look at them and I knew I goofed up. Turns out I was actually early for the party, one week early! I showed up at that house on the wrong date! Yet, that sweet lady was gracious enough to let my kiddos have a play date with her daughter anyway. She invited us into her home, despite our impromptu visit. I was amazed. Everything looked so good, so tidy, so prepared. I didn't see the entire home, but I saw a lot of it, including the master bedroom. And FYI, it was stunning!
I couldn't help but think two things: First, my mental calender is subject to glitches, and I need to start writing appointments down. 
Secondly, if someone showed up at my house unannounced would I be able to show them around my home like that? Don't get me wrong, I no slob, but if you showed up at my house tomorrow, somehow I doubt I'll let you in my bedroom. This lady inspired me. She motivated me to always be prepared for strangers, to decorate, and to allow my plans to be interrupted. We had a beautiful, unplanned visit. Turns out it was just what I didn't know I needed. *smiles* 


Remember I told you I was going to start reading again? Well, selecting a book actually took some thought. There are so many that I want to read. The biggest question was, do I want to read something for pleasure, or for knowledge, or both? I decided on this one: 

I'll let you know what I think...

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  1. Wow, I love what you learned from the unplanned visit! And I can't wait for your book report!!


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