Monday, December 10, 2012

Mail Call

What do you do when you have too much?
Please don't assume I'm asking because I have the perfect answer. I no expert on this topic. I readily admit, I have a strong tendency to hoard papers. I keep letters, notes, and pretty much everything my kids have have ever written, drawn or touch! I also confess, that I hang on to mail (junk or not) way longer than necessary. I mean, so what Papa John's sent you a really good coupon! If you have no plans to use it, then what's the point in keeping it right?
For the past few years I've been working on simplifying and streamlining life. I started by cleaning out my closet.  Literally. I got rid of  my "fat clothes." I got rid of my "someday I'll lose the weight and they'll fit clothes." I even got rid of shoes, (that's a small miracle). I got rid of papers. I got rid of magazines and books. Now don't get the impression I have mastered organizing my home. Wrong. Instead, I've mostly organized my home. The biggest obstacle to overcome? The mail. It keeps coming, and coming. I keep collecting. I bring it in. I wait a few weeks, (months if I'm busy). Then, I'll get sick of it, sort it, and throw it out. I hate this pattern, but it's the one I'm stuck on. What prevents me from throwing it in the trash immediately? I don't know, but I so over it.  I'm in the market for creative ways to organize and deal with mail clutter. If you have any, do share. In the mean time here is what I found:

There were no shortage of ideas to be found. It appears I'm not alone in my mail clutter battle. These seemed easy enough to try. I'll decide on one and give it a try.

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