Thursday, July 5, 2012

Growing Pains (For Moms)

Some days I wish puberty would leave my kid alone. It seems, its influence on her attitude is not always a positive one. Lately she vacillates between, the kid we've known for 11.5yrs, and some moody, clumsy, forgetful, character, to whom, I'm just now being introduced.. It takes some getting use to. This child has been one of the most, consistently pleasant people I've known. And mostly, she still is, only spicier at times. It's like she's some updated version of herself. It's not bad, but different. It's change. I don't always embrace, and move well with change. This time it's tricky though. I do want my normal back. My old normal, not this new normal she's pursuing.   It's easier to keep her, a sweet, hormonally balanced child. The alternative is more work for me. I'd have to mature, and make allowances, and adjustments to deal with the affects of puberty juices. I'd have to escalate the practice of, kindness, mercy, grace, and  patience. It hardly seems  fair. Her changes, are imposing BIG changes on me! I don't recall anyone asking my permission.
On the other hand, I know that my desire she remains unaffected, has everything to do with my selfishness. If   she persist unchanged, I won't be challenged or stretched in anyway. Unfortunately that scenario would mean, she won't grow. And, isn't that what any good parent wants, for their child? Growth. Physical. Spiritual. Growth. Sure, it comes with certain pains, stretching, adjusting, but growth, and maturity are good things. Blessings. I can appreciate the memories of who she was, yet be equally excited about who she's becoming. I'm sure that by the time puberty bids us farewell, God willing, I would have grown and mature in ways of my own...

I treasure my memories of her like this:

but I'm also enjoying this

Knowing that phases are just that, phases. And all too soon, they too, are but distant memories...


  1. Awwwwww. She is growing up isn't she, I feel your pain. I know what that feels like. She is probably just as uncomfortable and confused as you are with all of this transition and changes happening.

  2. She's super sweet. She's just concerned about being a teenager. She talks about it like it's a disease :)

  3. I love this post! Changes are definitely gonna happen without getting your permission. :-) I liked your perspective on how it all impacts and changes you too.


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