Sunday, July 15, 2012

The First Fruits Vegetables of My Labor: This Year's Garden.

Island life spoiled me rotten! It made a gardener out of me. When you grow up, as I did, literally surrounded by hundreds of fruit trees, nut trees, vegetable plants, and herbs, it leaves a lasting impression. To this day, I associate summer with mangoes, and genips. I knew, very early, that no matter where life took me, I'd be gardening in some form. I'm determined that my kids, on some level, experience, the treat of eating of the land they occupy. Much of what we've planted this season is not ready yet, but  this is, this years garden:

 FYI: vegetable baskets make great gifts, and goody bags too!
 This zucchini was nearly a foot long. I had to get a shot. 

 I'm terrible about spacing. I always plant to close,
 but thankfully, it's hard to mess this up. No expertise needed.

My husband recently reminded me that, "we're blessed to live in a country where you can just drop stuff in the ground, and it grows." There are places in the world where you can't do that. I chose to honor that blessing by planting my own produce, but you don't have to. If you support local farmers, same thing.
Gardening is rewarding in many ways. If you are looking to live healthier, it's great exercise too. Get the whole family involved. You're not out to grow a thirty pound carrot, so just relax, and enjoy the experience. Happy planting.

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