Saturday, June 30, 2012

Baby Its Cold Outside - Bing Crosby & Doris Day

Denial: How Sweet it is!

I'm not a huge fan of winter weather. Blame it on the islander in me. 
It's been my policy, to fully appreciate summer, and never complain about heat. Easier said than done, especially when temps reach 100+ degrees. So I stop, and recall those winter months that made me absolutely miserable, and I'm OK with heat once again. With triple digit temperatures, the last few days have been a challenge. It got me thinking about those, who unlike myself, dislike summer. I felt a bit sorry for you. I tried to think of things that crazy, I mean cold weather lovers can do to cope. I could think of only one thing: Live in denial.
Find an air conditioned building. Get yourself a cup of  hot cocoa. Crank up the Christmas type music, and play the best game of pretend you've had since childhood. Hopefully Bing Crosby and Doris Day got you started.

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  1. I can't stand the cold but I do love me some Bing Crosby. Thanks for this old video...made my day!


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