Friday, July 20, 2012

Random Thoughts

1. I've been up for the last four hours. I've been watching the recent shootings at the movie theater in Aurora CO. Sad. I feel for the family of the victims. This is life changing. I wonder about the kind of world I leaving my kids to face. 

2. I was NOT feeling my workout program at all this week! Sure, I made a few attempts at it, but all I could seem to bring to it was old lady energy.

3. A few years ago I bought my eldest a large collection of Nancy Drew books. After years of having them, she's out grown the books, but I noticed that she hadn't read them. I asked why? "Mom, those books are so feminine, and so girly, that after I got done reading one, I felt like I needed a shower to wash the girliness of me! They're super dorky too!" I confess, when I was a kid, I never got into Nancy Drew. Not my thing.  I will admit though, this did give me an idea of what to use to punish her *cue evil laugh* 

4. Contact paper, shelf paper, blackberry bushes, Virginia Creeper,
Poison Ivy, and infomercials joined a growing list of thing that I hate!

5. My husband cracks me up. He is truly perplexed by men who would dare shave their chest hair. To him, body hair equals manliness.

6. Back to the workout thing:  If workout were more like sex, a bit more instantly gratifying, maybe people would (no pun intended) "do it" more. Oh don't be such a prude! You know, you'd probably workout more too!

7. I decided to complete my first novel. I'm only putting that out there, because there is less of a chance of me weaseling out if, I confess it to someone. Usually, I keep my writing to myself, but then usually, I don't do anything with it either, so maybe telling you guys will add a little added pressure.

8. Elle has been doing something very interesting lately. On her adventures around the house and yard, she'll pick up two items. Both of them I object to. One of which, I object to more vehemently than the other. When caught, and before I can yell "no!" She'll present me with the most objectionable item, but keep the other. If I'm not careful, the relief of immediate danger, dispelled by the surrendered item causes me to forget, that she has another dangerous item. At first I thought this was a sheer coincidence. She's too young to know what she's doing. But she's done the same thing about 3/4  times now, so I'm not so sure...

9. I'm thinking about inexpensive, but meaningful gift ideas in advance of Christmas. Ideas welcomed

10. Confession: I'm nearly 36yrs old, and I still daydream. Nope. I'm not gonna tell you what about, only that I still do it, and I like it. Yep, I try to keep it Philippians 4:8ish

 My blessings outweigh my burdens. I will focus on them, and I will have a great day! I hope that you determine, despite all your "whatevers" you will have a great day too. 

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  1. I loved Nancy Drew!, maybe I shoudn't admit that. The pic of Elle is so cute and funny, I think she knows exactly what's up!


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