Thursday, July 26, 2012

"THAT, is the Question"

You can blame the following post on me being in my thirties, specifically being my late thirties. It has brought way more self reflection, and examination than I'm normally comfortable with. I tend to take introspection in small doses. I've equated it with work, and frankly I'm doing enough as it is! This question came to mind lately: What is life about? If you are expecting me to attempt an answer, you'd be wrong. Greater minds than mine have covered this one, yet the conversation continues. It seems an endless, generational discussion. No one answer will do. For some the answer is family, relationships, enjoyment, following your heart, whatever. I will confess that none of those answers completely satisfies me either. Just as I began to work on defining this question for myself, another popped up. Lucky me. I'll admit that this one required my immediate attention. What is MY life about? More importantly, is it evident?  Again I'm not giving answers here, I'm searching for a few myself.
I just thought it might be interesting to ask you; what your life was about, and are you sure that you are living in accordance to the answer of that question?

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  1. I love your thought-provoking posts (ok, and the others too, haha). This is a really good one. May it give *many* something to think about...


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