Monday, March 3, 2014

February's First: Living my Dreams

I've dabbled in poetry writing since childhood. The person who sorts my effects after I'm gone will be overwhelmed by the amount of thoughts and lines I have written in journals and on random pieces of paper. Sorry.
In keeping with my resolve to accomplish or pursue something of meaning to me monthly, in February I attended (for the first time) a poetry Slam. I've wanted to do something like this for years! This one was particularly exciting.  It was held at the library which meant I could somewhat count on "clean creativity/content"  It was also geared toward teens, so bonus I took my teen with me. She's a bit of a "reluctant" poet. It was cool to expose her to something new. We didn't get to view many of the performers. The show was running late. We had some place we wanted to be, but the experience of it was definitely one I'd like to try again. 
Next time who knows? Perhaps an open mic night without the teenager. I might even get up and read a few lines... 

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