Thursday, February 27, 2014

 Panelling Project and More

Paneling Project 

Hi all. I'm still here. Still contemplating my latest spring project. The more I look at that paneling, the more I think, "why not keep it in its original form?" Now is a good time to mention, that the floor in that room is slate, black slate. Could there be two worst combinations? Never mind. I don't want to know. To complicate matters, my husband likes the floor! Looks like updating this room, and making it cozy family room I know it could be, is going to require some serious thought, and a boat load of creativity. Wish me luck! Better yet send me some ideas :)

(see cake getting no love)
So this is kind of random. A certain someone turned 3 yesterday. When presented with her birthday cake, and lollipops, it wasn't even a competition. The lollipops won. What you were expecting her to chose cake? So was I. Anyway, a picture of the birthday girl and her choice treat. Too cute to keep to myself.

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