Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Cool Crazy Friends

I have this crazy cool friend who I'll call X. X and I have been friends now for about 15 years. I can almost always count on X for a good laugh and a refreshing take on life.
Yesterday X and I were having a conversation. We discussed summer plans, health, fitness, kids, school, general chit chat before the conversation got really, really juicy. Our conversations tend to be like that, general stuff with random bombs thrown in. Keeps me on my toes. Nope. I can't give you the details. It's not even that X would mind. X is totally proud of this latest adventure, but's it's a code of silence thing with me. For the sake of this post I'll tell you that what X did was not wrong, nor did it break the law. Further, one would have to let go of ALL inhibitions to do it. I have to confess compared to this friend I am an absolute wallflower. X lives unashamedly out loud, then tells me all the details, and in some cases sends me the pictures. After our conversation ended, the shock wore off,  and the giggles went mostly away, I started thinking about my friends. It's truly a very odd mixture of people. The interests and tastes among them are as different as can different can be. I am grateful for them all. For the calm, cool and collected ones, and for the crazy, cool ones too. If you have true friends you are blessed. If you have crazy, cool friends your life will never be dull. And if you can't think of any crazy cool friends, then you are probably that person :)

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