Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Meanwhile Back at the Ranch..."

I  love that phrase. I've used it to refer back to a topic of importance, or to end an inappropriate one ;) I've been doing a lot of "referring back" lately. About a week a half a go an ice storm came through our area. It took out quite a few trees in my yard, and neighborhood. It also took the power with it. After being without electricity (in winter) for nearly four days we got it back. Well sort of. It shuts on and off at will. Despite my frustration with, the city, home owners insurance, no electricity and the ramifications that goes with it, I'm grateful. I've been reminding myself that "meanwhile back at the ranch" there are those who have never had electricity. At least the days we lost power were mostly mild. Above all, storm damage to property pales in comparison to lost of lives and injuries. Gotta tell ya, remembering what's most important, keeps me from being anxious over what is less important. It's easy to get worked up over what is currently not working in life, but "meanwhile back at the ranch" there is much, much, MUCH to be thankful for.

So though we are still recovering from this:

 Thankfully (and literally) life goes on

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  1. Hey lady, that is really some significant damage. The pics said it all. Thank God you guys are ok.


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