Thursday, February 6, 2014

Win Some. Lose Some. Win Some.

Some days are so good, you'd love to rewind them and live those moments all over again. Then there are days that you'd happily fast forward and never speak of again. I just experienced both those days back to back. Yesterday was a stellar day. Let's just say today was quite the opposite. That's life. Sometimes you are riding high on hope and blessings. At other times you  might be brought low by circumstances and disappointments. I am learning to be thankful for both the "the good days" and the "bad days." Both have taught me to appreciate life. Both have reminded me to be thankful that I am still here to experience life in some form, good or bad. I believe if you celebrate your "good days" and learn from your worst days, then you are winning- no matter what the day brings.  
If all else fails, and you are having a particularly rough day, go to bed early. Sleep is the closest thing we have to a fast forward button. That is my plan for today...Good night :)

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