Thursday, January 9, 2014

Life Unplugged

Over the years our family has had an "on again off again" relationship with cable TV. Mostly (as it is currently) it has been off.  Our most recent breakup came just over a month ago. We decided that the quality of our time together would be better if we unplugged. Saving a few dollars in the process doesn't hurt either. 
The first few days after we disconnected, our house felt somewhat out of order. Television had nicely filled time slot between dinner and bedtime. It had become the preferred time wasting passing option. With it no longer around, the temptation to pop in a movie became the next best thing. We did that for a while, but grew bored with our movie selection. 
In the last week or so, we seem to have found the new normal we were searching for. Dinner conversations have gotten longer. Board games have emerged. Adults and kids are engaged playmates. In fact, as I type this my husband is sorting barbies and barbie clothing! He'd probably cringe that I mentioned it, but there are certain sacrifices involved with being a great dad to little girls. He makes them daily.  Disconnecting the cable was one of those. 
Our decision isn't for everyone. Some people can ignore their access 800 channels. We found that it's easier to ignore, if it's not here. I'd compare it to an unhealthy snack I love, and know shouldn't keep in the house. I might start out eating it in moderation,  but inevitably I'm gonna binge. 
Ultimately, this post isn't about the positive an negative aspects of television. Truth be told we made our teenager cut back on her "i" thingy time too. In order to strengthen our connection to each other, there needed to be some disconnections to things around here. For us it's about having more quality time together. In order to get a good amount of quality time, we simply needed a greater quantity of time.
Our kids will only be this age, once. The same is true of my husband and I. We want to to make the most of these precious moments together as family. This was a step towards that. 
I don't know what your thing is. There are so many time wasters to be plugged into. Remember that time is priceless. The moments you spend with the people you love are treasures. Let nothing hinder that. Look for ways to enhance it. Anything that steals those moments is worth being unplugged.   

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