Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Getting Older

I recently celebrated a birthday. Someone in conversation, commented that "I'm getting older" and "I'm not as young as I used to be." My response was "I'm not as young as I used to be, but I'm not as dumb as I used to be either." It was one of those statements that just flew out my mouth. The truth of it hit me after I said it. Nope! I'm not as dumb as I used to be. Thank God! Trust me, that's cause for celebration. When I think about some of the decisions I've made, some of the "problems" I brought to myself, and some of the ways I wasted my time, it's embarrassing. The person I am today is much stronger, and wiser than I've ever been. I wouldn't trade one day of the power I have in my life now, for the ignorance of my youth. If I could back, it would be only to give my youthful self some much needed counsel. I'd tell her:
  1. A minute with God is worth a multitude of friends. 
  2. You are not only worth it, you are worth more.
  3. You have nothing to fear.
  4. You have nothing to prove.
  5. Your time is your greatest asset.
  6. Live humbly. 
  7. Love boldly.
  8. Speak wisely.          
There is a lot more I could tell her, but the younger me had a short attention span. She probably wouldn't listen beyond this point :) 
God  gave me daughters. I get to teach them everything I wished I had understood. With His mercy I'll have many more years of lessons with/for them, and many more years of learning myself. 

I'm not afraid of aging. I find ignorance more disturbing. When I celebrated my birthday, I wasn't just celebrating seeing another year. That's only part of it. I was celebrating every year that has brought me where I am today, also that I'm NOT where I was yesterday. 

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