Thursday, September 12, 2013

"The Truth Shall Set You Free"

What do you do when somebody lies to your face? I mean just a blatant, straight and boldface lie! This has been a reoccurring scenario in my life over the past few months. Really, I'd just like to nail the all liars to the wall with the truth, then watch them dangle an squirm for a spell. Thing is, I've been trying to extend the kind of grace I've been given, so that idea is in the opposite direction of where I want to go. Problem is, the whole grace thing appears to come slowly. Or maybe I'm just learning it slowly. Either way it's a life long lesson.

In some ways I feel a little hypocritical. I mean it's not like I've never told an untruth. I've been guilty of both white lie and whopper! It's not my practice, but it has happened. In fact, when I was a kid, wow! I could tell a story! I guess I hoped we all outgrew that, like baby teeth or something. Not so. The temptation to react dishonestly is apparently always near. Lately, I've watched as one lie has led to another. Each adding another layer of devastation. If I'm not careful I'll get angry at the talebearer. If I'm honest, I have to acknowledge that I've been there too. It doesn't mean I agree or condone, but I can relate to the pressure to lie.

On the flip side, and most importantly, I understand the power of the truth.  It is absolute. It is eternal. A lie is a temporary fix. Truth is a cure. A lie hides. Truth illuminates. A lie distorts, and breaks down. Truth corrects, and builds up. A lie halts progress and change. The truth opens the door to revolution. A lie keeps you in bondage to it.  We've all heard this one "the truth shall set you free." I could on. No need to. I'd like to think we all know instinctively that a lie is of no real benefit to us. We violate our conscience, and harm ourselves in the long run.

So what do I do when someone lies to my face? I'd like to tell you have it all figured out. I don't. I'm learning my way around this one. It has been my latest life lesson. Actually, choosing a wise response despite being wronged, appears to be the current lesson. I won't tell you that I haven't reacted in anger to a few of these lessons. I have, but I will tell you that anger, and hurt has not been my only response. For the first time in my life I'm beginning to I feel genuine compassion where anger once dominated. It's freeing. I thought I'd tell you because frankly compassion in this area is kinda new to me. I like it. I'll see where it takes me. Especially since thus far, no one has nailed to the wall.

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