Monday, September 9, 2013

Well We're Off to a Great Start... Over

According to my twelve old "Mondays are evil, and they are out to get us all! She believes that an Apocalyptic type event is most likely to occur on a Monday." Spoken like a kid who wants to linger in the weekend and avoid school work as long as possible. Honestly, today I can't say that I blame her. Mostly I'll take any day of the week that we are all healthy, but I gotta admit today (Monday) came with an extra side of blah.  It was in that spirit that I decided to take a nap and start over. Actually, everyone in my household went back to bed around one o'clock, even the 12 year old. It didn't last long . The phone woke most of us, but it seems a power nap was all that was needed to reset the day. I think I need to take those more often. I would be totally in favor of America introducing the tradition of siesta. And now on to the rest of this day...                                                  

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