Friday, February 1, 2013

Rock On!

I love rocks! Some of my most vivid childhood memories are related to them. The first memorable punishment I received from my father, was due to a rock related incident in. My cousin was hit in the eye by a certain someone. Before you go feeling all sorry for her, she dared me. It was hardly my fault. I was merely responding well to pressure and meeting a request. How was I to know that when I said "watch out I'm gonna hit you in the eye" that, that stone would miraculously find target from so far away?
Besides I have been on the receiving end of a rock at the hands of siblings. It was just part of island life. Our natural environment contained our play things. Whether they were rocks for skipping (I'm a pro), or giant trees for climbing, I relished new ways to play with natural things. You wouldn't believe the hours of entertainment we got from sticks and water of all kinds, standing water, the sea, and the kind that falls from the sky.
Not surprisingly, the affinity for the natural never left me. We've had two unseasonably warm days this week. I was drawn to the outdoors like rats to the Pied Piper. I went out with one rock related project in mind, it quickly became more. Currently, I'm trying to replicate the rock walls that mark property lines on the land where I was raised. My city will probably have something to say if I built them to my preferred height. I'll settle for "higher than normal rock borders" around my flower beds.
It would have been nice to post something profound. No. I'm simply telling you that I love playing with rocks. If you are ever looking to gift me with something, try a boulder, and watch how giddy I get :)

This is about the height of the ones at home 3 to 5ft

The awkward height of the one I'm making:

P.S yes those rocks do fall, I've been painfully acquainted with that fact.

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