Thursday, February 7, 2013


I'm thinking you can't get much lower than this: sweatpants, sweatshirt and  a baseball cap. This is my normal attire. The baseball cap has been dubbed "hide a hair." Can't you just see that on an infomercial?
Lately, my husband I have been looking at each other and wondering (out loud) "when did we become such bums?"  I can't pinpoint an exact moment, but I can tell you it was gradual. We are being honest here so, I'll also tell you that for the longest time I just didn't care. In fact, I was happy to inform any listening ear that I had found a loop hole in the social dress code. I discovered, that as long as I wore workout clothing, the good stuff, not the baggy sweats stuff, people didn't seemed affected by my appearance. Many were very accepting. Some were even impressed. I garnered some respect, and knowing looks.  The looks that says "oh good for you, you've been working out." Lately I've been stepping outside the safety of the loophole. I've been wearing five sizes to large sweatpants, AND sweatshirts, and I've had the audacity to leave the house that way. What's more? I have actually left my house wearing house shoes. Sure they were the boot kind, but now is a good time to tell you they have paint on them. This new low has brought the realization, I have gone too far. Someone is probably reporting me to "What Not to Wear" as I type this. I must make an abrupt change.
Now, I don't intend to look like I just stepped out of a fashion magazine, but I don't want to look like I just rolled out of bed either.  At this point I'd settle for looking like the man who married me,  is neither blind nor desperate. I know that dressing the way I currently do has repercussions. People do judge based on appearance. That's biblical. I tend not to care what people think; however this idea of representing those who love me, and myself well is not baseless.
I don't have a valid excuse for my appearance. I have strong sense of my own style.  I know what is fashionable, and what looks good me. I'm also not ashamed of my body or size. I've just been lazy. Thing is, I've had a few bad hair years. The whole hair thing made dressing nice seem pointless. Couple that with my at home mommy job, and you have a recipe for disaster. Dressing nice while wearing a toddler is not saturated in appeal. I'm ready to try again. Maybe I'll even take a few before and after shots. I can't tell you I'll be running around in stilettos, but I'll be nixing the baggy sweats for least in public. 

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