Thursday, February 21, 2013

Follow Through

OK, I'm busted. I said I'd read a book a month and I pretty much did...the first month. I started January's book, but couldn't quite find the time to follow through. It's ironic, the title of the book is "Making Room for Life." Hmm...I guess I have to first work on making room in my day to read the book.  What I gathered, from NOT reading it, is that it's about slowing down, decluttering life, and spending time wisely. It's a lesson I need to learn.
Speaking of decluttering, I've been on a mission to rid my life of anything, I don't need, use, want, appreciate, have more than enough, etc. Funny, I think that this subject is also covered in a certain book. Unlike my book a month venture, the decluttering journey is going swimmingly. I always think of taking pictures, after the fact, but if you could have seen the load of stuff I've sorted and thrown out, you'd be impressed. Let's just put it this way, I no longer have what my child referred to as, "the hoarder room."
This focus on the decluttering our physical environment has extended itself to all aspects of my life and family. Not only have I've been trying to make our living environment a calm, organized, comfortable, and yes, beautiful place, but I'm really trying to feed our bodies well. The good stuffing, I mean stuff, not the junk.  Huh... I believe there is also something about meals mentioned in that book... 
If you are still following this post, so far, I'm working on reading more, decluttering life, and nutritionally sound meals. No doubt you will hear more on these in the coming months. I'll even post pics of progress (if I remember) God willing. 
OK,off I go to make time to read a certain book... 

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