Friday, August 23, 2013

A Day In The Life...

This morning found me reaching for something positive to pull from this day. I went to bed later than usual the night before. Three hours later to be exact. Wouldn't you just know that I woke up earlier than I needed today. Any thoughts of falling back to sleep were quickly erased by the loud explosion sound coming from my backyard. Typically when you hear a loud boom in the dark of night it would spark cause for concern. No worries here. The power went out along with the sound, so it was obvious what that was. No electricity, no air conditioning. No air in the heart of summer, in an upstairs bedroom, with low ceilings.... Trust me, you are not going back to sleep easily. I got out of bed and pretty much did nothing until the sun came up. Meaning I missed a workout! Now is a good time to let you in on an odd fact about me. MISSING a workout makes me crazy... and unfortunately cranky. It's hard enough to make myself take a planned rest day, but to miss a workout altogether, and for no valid reason...not good.
Meanwhile my two and a half year old slept through the explosion. She awoke in typical mode, demanding to put on a "very dress" and showing zero interest in the potty training. After a little negotiation we settled on a "very" romper. She loves "VERY" things, but she loves "very" dresses most of all. I've learned that "very" simply means extremely beautiful. As long as the piece of clothing is unique enough to fit the bill, she's usually good. I say usually, because today she decided that the romper was not good enough. I ignored her numerous request and demands throughout the day that I change it. My hubby on the other hand is much less immune to toddler demands and promptly changed it when he came home.  The bulk of my day was spent sorting, cleaning and clearing out our home school room. After days like today, I can't help but wonder "what in the world is this all for?" I saw no profound accomplishment today. It's days like this that leaves me questioning the decision, to be at home, educate my kids, put career on hold, and all the rest. I wish I could tell you that I'm always confident, and that I know exactly what I'm doing. That would be a lie. What is true is, I feel I'm exactly where I need to be. I'm blessed to be doing the things I get to do. Whether it's an exciting day or a monotonous nightmare, I'm blessed to experience them  all with my family.
Maybe someone can relate. You don't have to be an at home mom to have similar thoughts. I think ultimately we all want to feel as though our days singularly, and collectively count. I believe they do. The hard ones, the exciting ones, the mundane, they all make up the body of our life's work. They're all gifts. I ended the day with thoughts in that vein. Life is beautiful, and God has allowed us another day here. Always appreciate the only moment that you are truly guaranteed, now.

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