Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another Book

OK, last month I read for relaxation, this month's read will be for information. You see how I did that...? Rhyming and all.

Anyhow, seems fitting that I should read this book given the chaos in my daily routine. Truth is, my life is really disorganized at the moment, and on SO many levels. I've been grasping at straws to regain control. There are a litany of things I want to do as a parent,  a wife, in our homeschool, with our home and property, and oh yeah, for myself!!! I've had this book in my possession for an embarrassing number of years. The only contact I've made with it (beyond purchasing) is packing in various boxes, for several moves. It's time discover what's written on the pages of "Making Room for Life."
Hopefully it offers more insightful ideas, than my current solution: Run around all day in mad frenzy, organizing and getting rid of most of of our earthly possessions. Schedule everything, including checking the schedule. I'm also considering banning all people, thoughts, and things spontaneous.
God willing, there will be more to come on this book, and on the clutter I've been clearing out of my life, and literally my closets.

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