Tuesday, February 28, 2017

  Follow Me

After years of wondering I finally got some revelation about what to do with my life. Be warned;
sometimes the answer to such a question may leave you with even more profound questions. This has been very true in my case. Build a business empire is the answer I got. Now how do I go about that exactly? Thus far I haven't been able locate the instruction manual. Thoughts around building and growing a business suddenly made updating my LinkedIn account appear attractive. It didn't take long to realize I was out leagued. After looking at potential connections, I just couldn't get peace or find the words to list the highlights of my inexperienced work history. Sure I could say writer, (although not enough of creative writer to construct an engaging LinkedIn profile). I could say teacher, cake decorator... but truthfully I feel more like a student of all of those things than master. As simple as it seems, there was a very real pause in me about what to say and whom to follow. That's when I remembered these words: "Follow me." They were first uttered by Jesus. He coined the term long before Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other form of social media exsisted or even had a clue. He spoke those words across centuries, with all history in mind. The invitation is as geniune today as it was back then. "Follow me." No skill or title required, and anyone, and I do mean anyone can access His presence. I am friends with the most high, all powerful God. I am connected to the almighty. This business thing looks scary, but it's safe to say do "I know someone." I think I'll be ok with or without LinkedIn. Everyone, everyone should be so connected. As they say "It not what you know. It's who you know." #following Jesus...

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