Monday, December 2, 2013

Big Dreams

"If your dreams don't scare you they are probably not big enough." 
When I first heard that statement I instantly thought two things "wow" and "what are my dreams?" I'm not referring to the crazy ones I have at night, believe me, I have enough of those. I'm talking about my ultimate design on life. If I could do, or create anything, be anything, what would I do or be? What would you do? What would your life look like? Would it change? What's holding you back? Those are the questions in my head.
I did pose a similar question to my twelve year old. I won't mention her response, because I don't want to make light of her dreams. Let's just say it involved a career that does not bolster financial security, or security of any kind for that matter. My response to her was, "good now let's think of an idea that will allow you the ability to buy food and eat." 
My comment bothered her. She viewed it as an attack on her dream. I decided I'd drop the topic, but after a few moments of silence, the mom in me attempted to reason with her again. 
I tried a different approach. I told her, "your dad and I are thinking of starting a llama farm (yes I lied). What do you think about that?" 
Truthfully I was being a bit sarcastic an hoped she'd recognize the ridiculousness of her own plans through the wackiness of our llama farm idea. *No offense to any of you who own or dream of such a place.*
Her response: "well that's a bit weird, and unexpected, I'll support you guys." She never made the connection to the lesson I was trying to teach her. That was her honest response, encouragement and support. 
So here I sit again thinking about dreams. This time my thoughts are on the importance of encouraging others to pursue them...

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