Friday, November 15, 2013

Seeing Red

This time of year has me seeing red.  Ruby Red that is. I have had a love affair with Ruby Red Grapefruit for years. I enjoy grapefruit for perhaps the very reason most people don't, that tangy, bittersweet flavor. It's sort of an acquired taste I guess. Apparently, both my kids have "acquired" the taste, because they both love them too. I was forced to share. It has become our thing, sharing fruit. Grapefruit being chiefest among them. 
This time of year begins the best season to buy grapefruit in the US. And buy them we do! In addition to the simple pleasure of enjoying a treat with my girls, there is a lengthy list of health benefits associated with the fruit itself, and even with the peel! Ruby Red Grapefruit is credited with everything from reducing the risk of cancer to weight loss, and skin care rewards.
Go get some!
I can't mention the benefits, without mentioning that grapefruit does have interactions with certain medications, some of them severe. That's a topic worth discussing with your Dr (I'm not one). If you are not on any medications, and haven't indulge before, or tried one in a while, starting now is a really good time to try one. 

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