Thursday, November 21, 2013

Healthy Thanksgiving

I'm going to admit, I'm not one who does well on any kind of diet. I once heard someone say that "no is the greatest aphrodisiac of all time." Seems the truth where I'm concerned. Tell me "no" or "not to" and I'm instantly attracted to whatever it is I'm supposed to avoid.
With the holiday season in full swing, I'm getting request to both prepare, and partake in the delicious, not so good for you foods reserved for just this time of year. While I'm not an avid calorie counter, I have been trying, with some success, to eat relatively clean. I'd like to stay focused on that during the holidays. I plan to enjoy, and share in the food and festivities, but I decided I'm going to try something new this year, healthy Thanksgiving.
My family dislikes when I attempt to "healthify" anything.  They are not necessarily traditional, so they won't mind me changing up a holiday meal. In fact we haven't prepared a turkey on Thanksgiving in years. Their only rule is that whatever I fix needs to be tasty, but I've learned that healthy on their palettes is not tasty.
I don't intend to go this far...
For years now I've tried to talk them into some sort of baked fish meal for the special day. I've gotten no takers. This year though, I'm putting my foot down. This Thanksgiving I get to choose what's on the menu. Hey I'm fixing it, sounds fair to me. Plus, my husband has proclaimed (for the past two Thanksgivings (thank you very much) that those were the "BEST Thanksgiving" meals AND the "best meals" he's had in his life. He's in his forties. That's a lot of Thanksgivings, and meals. Point is, I have earned the right to bomb one. So this year I'm going with a healthier Thanksgiving. I'm hoping someone out there is crazy enough to join me. I'll post a menu later, but we have a week to plan. You don't have to make a tofu turkey or anything, just offering a few healthy alternatives is a great place to start. Happy healthy recipe hunting. 

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