Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Old School Update

My husband (Mr. wonderful, more on that later) has been urging me to go clothes shop for some time. I haven't. He's taken me shopping with no budget in place, turned me loose, and still nothing. Normally, that's an offer I can't refuse. Recently though, I've been busy, uninterested in shopping, and cautious.

   I'm a mom of two, and years removed from my twenties. I don't want clothes that suggest, wild, young or crazy. I want clothes that are comfy. I want the effortless sophistication classic pieces, but I want a modern edge. That's a lot to ask of fabric, and exact the reason I've hesitated to buy. I've spent some time looking at things I used to wear, and what I have now. I've realized that my style, like my hair has not changed much in twenty years. However unlike my hair it doesn't need to. The clothing I once loved, I still do. In fact I still have a skirt I bought when I was seventeen. Yes it still fits,albeit a bit friendlier than it once did, but that's hardly the point. The point is I STILL love that skirt. I still love and miss clothing like it that I let go in the name of updating my wardrobe. Why attempt to fix what's not broken? Usually my clothing policy is, if I love it, and it's modest, I wear it, no matter how old. There was a short time though where I lost sight of that, and accepted the thinking that clothing becomes less fashionable with time. I gave away some real gems during that period. I now think that a nice piece of clothing is never out of fashion. It's the imagination that changes. A great eye, and you can't lose. Rarely is it the clothes, it's more limited imaginations. Plus, I'm a sucker for a fashion challenge. I love taking that thing that no one wants, the outdated, the strange, and making it look blazing! That said I've been pursuing my "first loves" clothing wise. That's hard to do, because I've loved elements from the last nine decades! I especially love the 70's, and 80's. I didn't get to rock them like I wanted. I was too young, too broke, too whatever! The good news is, it's not to late. I decided that I'm getting my old wardrobe back, and then some. All the things I used to love, and still do, I'm going to buy them, no matter HOW "out of fashion." Yes, I'll get some new pieces too. I actually began this little adventure last weekend, but I've got a great excursion planned for next week (God willing). I'm absolutely giddy about it. I can't wait to see what I find. The pieces I posted here, are pieces I once owned or similar to them. I'm still having nightmares about giving them away. I'm hoping I find at least one of them. Believe me, if I find anything worth sharing,I will!

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  1. Love love the acid wash skinny jeans! The last pants I owned, had killer a vest that went with it...loved it then and now. Get it gal!


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