Thursday, May 16, 2013


I'm going on forty years old and I don't know how to apply makeup. I'm not saying that I couldn't benefit from wearing it. I'm just saying that I don't wear it. Call it laziness, or lack of femininity or whatever. I don't touch the stuff. It always seemed like more of a hassle than it was worth. As the years have gone by, the idea of learning how just became more overwhelming. Honestly, have you seen the number of things that women are expected to wear,at one time! On my best day, I wear three of them, max! And believe me when I tell you it takes a special event to bring out the trifecta. I'm talking mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss. 
I've heard women express feeling naked without my makeup. I can't relate. I think the closest I come to understanding that feeling is associating it with the way I feel when I miss a morning workout. Truth is I feel "made up" with makeup, like I'm no longer me somehow. Plus, I don't understand all the lingo connected to cosmetics. I'd probably end up with a black eye trying to give myself a "smokey eye." I can still remember my makeup savvy sister's laughter hysteria during an incident where I attempted to pluck my eyebrows. I wish I could say that incident occurred when I was a kid, but that was just a few years ago. I haven't attempted to pluck them since. Pity too, because I have a wicked uni-brow gene. Unfortunately, it's a gene I passed on to both my girls. You'd think I'd be motivated to learn more about cosmetics for their sake. Nope! At this point I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have to hire someone to come in and teach them what most women my age already know.
Some days I do feel like getting old is getting old. I've been seeing a bit more wrinkles with age. I don't want to cover them up. It's not like I won't know that they are still under there. Truth is, I want the benefit of looking like I know how to apply makeup, without the hassle of actually having to learn. It's not just makeup either, I have ZERO beauty secrets! If you have some that you want to share, and that are super EASY, I'd be open to hearing about it/them. My girls would thank you for it I'm sure :)

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