Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Yesterday, I spent the majority of the day on the couch. I wasn't sick. I didn't lack things to do. I just couldn't motivate myself to get started. Sometime after 3 o'clock, with the day almost done, and the hubby due home any moment, I finally got up and got started. I'm not sure if I was embarrassed by all that needed to be done, or all that I didn't do. Whatever  it was, I had had enough and got started. I'd like to tell you I got everything I wanted to accomplished, that would be a lie. There are consequences to wasting time. What I can tell you is, even though the day began contrary to plans, it ended well. Life is a lot like yesterday. You may not have started out great, or in the way you wanted, but it's not to late to change all of that.  Each new day brings it's own challenges, but it also brings abundant opportunities. I'm not sure how this day will end, or any of the tomorrows God shall give. But it's important to me that I learn from all my yesterdays, make the most of all of my todays, and approach each tomorrow with hope. Life is a good, not because of our circumstances, but because as long as we are here we have the luxury of time. Yesterday was just a reminder to use time wisely. Lesson learned. On it!

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