Saturday, September 15, 2012

Keep It Simple

Life has been coming at me really fast. There is so much I need to do. There is little time for me. I decided an earlier wake up call might help. I started waking up before the rooster. It has only helped a little. I took it a step further, and began scheduling most aspects of my day. That has helped even more. I have to confess though, keeping up with the schedule has been a chore in itself. I can't win. I have so much I need to do, the things that I want to do, appear to be a luxury. It's overwhelming.  That's exactly how I felt, overwhelmed.
And then it happened, a break. On Tuesday, around lunchtime, I stumbled (more like tripped and fell) upon some much needed free time. I sat down, and had lunch. Alone. It wasn't a grab and go,shove it in your face,when you are on the run, kinda of lunch. It was a, prepare it, sit down, and eat with both hands (a fork if you choose) kind of lunch. In case you are curious, it was black bean burritos, and they were delicious. Did I mention I did this alone? I was so thrilled with anticipation over having a quiet mommy meal, I got all excited, and kept interrupting myself! Yep, it can be done. I made lunch, I sat at the table, I realized I forgot my drink. I get up, get drink. I sat down, and realized I forgot a fork.  I get up, get fork. I sat down,and  realized I forgot napkins (who eats burritos without napkins right). I got up, get napkins, sat down, and thought, "what a great time to do something you enjoy, like skim through a magazine." I got up, and got a magazine.  Repeat this cycle, and so went my quiet lunch. Somewhere in the middle of the trips to and from the dinner table,  there were a few moments to just be still. During one of those moments, I had this thought: "The best things in life are better than free. THEY ARE SIMPLE." I was enjoying one of them at that moment. I experienced a few of them this week, a giggling baby, a spouse that is truly a partner, and best friend, a "mommy you're the best" comment, a few hours with friends, a weird flower you've never seen before, people that love you enough to be honest with you, and so much more. Yes, I had a busy week, but it was a beautiful week. It was made so by all the simple things that one can easily take for granted. I'm grateful that this week, I didn't. I was literally reminded to stop and "smell the roses" well flowers, and that simple things can be treasures.

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