Friday, March 25, 2016

Big Daddy Weave - "My Story" (Official Music Video)

Grace has been on my mind. Most people have no use for the word, and books have been written attempting to define it. I won't get into that. All I know is God, by dying and raising again, did something for me that I DESPERATELY needed, but could NEVER do for myself. He rescued me AND gave me power in this life and the life to come. His sacrifice has allowed me to experience the awesomeness of being in right relationship with Him. His love was proactive. I did not deserve any of this, yet I value it above all else.
I heard this song a few months ago is. It seemed like a fitting time to share it. It's powerful to me, because this is my story too.  It is the story of anyone who truly believes and places faith in Christ. It is the heart of real Easter celebration.  Hopefully this is your story too. May you truly know the grace of God. Happy Easter!

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