Monday, June 2, 2014

Living the Dream: April

OK, we are past April and May. It's June people! This post is overdue. I will go ahead and admit that April's adventure/accomplishment has nothing to do with me.

For sometime now I have wanted to get my 13 year old more involved in physical activity. She'd try it sporadically, but never committed. To me the greatest thing about exercise, is the way it affects my mood. She's been a bit blue lately. Thank you puberty/hormones! Anyhow, I've been encouraging her for some time to get outdoors, and get active. She didn't resist, but she never made it a priority until recently. Sometime (in April) she discovered (on her own) that she liked this working out stuff. I'm not saying she's out there everyday, or even that she is doing anything intense. Actually, all she does is power walk while she's listening to music on her iPod. I'm just excited that she is moving, and that she is self motivated.

When I was a kid we didn't need to make ourselves workout.  Playing outdoors was as natural as eating a meal, and believe me when I tell you, that was all the exercise we needed! Over the years outdoor play seems a lost art. Electronics rule the roost. To counter that, I've made myself an example where fitness is concerned. Thing is, I know that I could never force her into becoming active. She needed to see it, and enjoy it. It looks like she has. Her steps (literally) in the right direction has made this "fitness aware" mom happy. I see it as an investment in her very bright future.



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